An Amish Kitchen - Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kelly Long
ARC provided by Netgalley - Thomas Nelson Publishers

I've been trying to find some Amish fiction to read lately as I find their way of living interesting so was happy when I came across this anthology.
Usually when I read an anthology not all of the stories are good but with this book they were. They are centred around one Amish community and based on different types of love with the help of a few family recipes. I was a bit worried when I saw the glossary at the beginning but I think this only added to the story and after a few pages I could work out what the words meant.

A Taste of Faith - This one was such a wunderbaar story ☺, it was about Fern who is the local healer along with her grandmother, she think she is not going to find love as she is a bit curvy. Then there's her neighbour Abram who is bachelor and happy to stay that way. Due to a family emergency he is tasked with looking after his siblings while his family are away. There are so many circumstances that keep throwing them in to each others path (including Ferns Grandmother),this one had a lot of funny moments, misunderstandings a s well as some sad parts which I think made the story more real.

A Spoonful of Love - This one was the only one where they directly dealt with the "Englich" as Hannah ran a b&b. I thought Hannah's mother was a bit hard on her sometimes and liked to meddle although you could tell she did love her. I felt sorry for Stephen who had left his own community due to an accident and was struggling a bit with his faith. The were both exactly what each other needed and brought each other out of themselves.

A Recipe for Hope - This one was about the relationship between a mother and a daughter but you soon learn there are reasons for the way the mother behaves as you find out about her own relationship with her mother and how this affects the way she lives her life now. Their was also a side storyline with the younger sons of the family who also had to work on forgiveness. I needed a few tissues for this one, It was so good how they all worked to forgive each other for various things and ultimately realised they are family and love each other. I loved the idea of the recipe cards with the story's on and the final recipe " A recipe for hope".

I hadn't previously read anything by these authors but will definitely be checking them out in the future.