True - Erin McCarthy

ARC provided by Netgalley - InterMix

I have read this authors work before so was looking forward to reading this one and she didn't disappoint. At the beginning of the book I thought this was just going to be an ok read for me but I ended up loving it.
Loved Rory and Tyler, they were great together. Tylers brothers were lovely as well, I really liked the scenes when they were all together. I can not say the same for Tyler's mother WORST PARENT EVER, I don't know how someone can treat their children like that and I hated what she did to Tyler. Rory's family were ok her dad did annoy me sometimes but I guess he was just being protective, i'm not sure how I feel about Rory's friends I did not like the scheme they came up with at all. I see Jessica's book is next so that should answer some of my problems with her.

A few things i didn't like Rory was way too forgiving about what her friends did and I don't know why she never confronted them also I did not like how the whole situation with Nathan and tylers friend was dealt with. WHY was he still talking to Rory like nothing happened? Also it would have been nice if there was an epilogue to let us know what was going to happen with Tyler's family, his job etc